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The most serious type of crime that carries the most severe punishment is murder or manslaughter. Murder is a serious crime that in many places, depending on who the victim was and how they were killed, can lead to a life sentence or even the death penalty.

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Alabama takes the crimes of murder and manslaughter very seriously and so should any citizen of the state who is charged with this awful crime. The prosecution in such cases often pursues the most severe of punishments for individuals who have committed these charge, so being charged with this crime could mean sitting in prison for the rest of your natural life.

Alabama Murder and Manslaughter Laws and Penalties

According to Alabama law, a person is considered to commit the act of murder if they intentionally cause the death of another human being. Someone can be charged with murder if they display extreme indifference for human life and engage in reckless conduct which creates a situation that puts another person at risk of death and then causes that individual’s death.

Murder is also defined as causing the death of another person while committing another felony act. If an individual kidnaps someone and they die as a result of the kidnapping, that can be grounds for a murder charge. A person who commits arson where a firefighter dies attempting to put out that fire is considered guilty of murder. It is a Class A felony, the highest felony charge in Alabama law.

Manslaughter is a bit different than murder. The law says that a person commits manslaughter when they recklessly cause the death of another person. You can be charged with manslaughter for committing a crime in the heat of passion also. A good example of a heat of passion crime is a man or woman who comes home to find their spouse cheating on them and they in the heat of their anger kill the spouse. Manslaughter is a Class B felony in Alabama.

Penalties for Murder and Manslaughter in Alabama

Murder is the most serious crime a person can commit or be charged with. It means that you are being accused of destroying another human life. With a conviction of murder charges comes the most stiff and severe punishment available through the law. Murder is a Class A felony. Murder convictions, since they are Class A felonies, can land you in prison for life without parole, or a 99 year prison sentence. Depending on the details of your case, it could result in getting the death penalty in Alabama. The use of the death penalty for this crime helps to demonstrate just how serious of an offense murder is.

Manslaughter is a Class B felony. Class B felonies are a bit less severe than Class A felonies, but not by much. You can still end up going to prison for 20 years and paying a fine of up to $30,000. Whether or not you are eligible for parole with a manslaughter charge is up to the judge and is determined largely by the situation itself.

Legal Defense Strategies for Murder and Manslaughter

Murder charges are extremely serious, so you definitely need to have a defense attorney represent you in court during your trial. Defense attorneys can create a defense strategy that could get your charges dismissed or at least help reduce the sentence or prevent you from getting the death penalty. One of the strategies your attorney might use is to call into question the integrity of the evidence gathered. He or she may ask questions that will cast doubt on how well the evidence was preserved. They may call into question whether or not your rights were violated during an interrogation or the authenticity of eyewitness accounts. These strategies can end up saving your life or even getting you acquitted of all charges.