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Embezzlement is a serious crime that comes with serious consequences in Alabama. Embezzlement itself can be defined as someone who steals funds that are entrusted to their care, but belong to another individual. Embezzlement is most commonly heard of in the world of business.

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Embezzlement is often perpetrated by the most trusted of employees of a company who have access to large sums of money. Most of the time individuals involved in embezzlement are very good at covering their tracks for a time so that it does not appear that any money or property goes missing. Being convicted of embezzlement can completely ruin your professional and personal career. It will be incredibly hard to find any solid employment with embezzling charges on your record.

Embezzlement Laws

Embezzlement laws in Alabama consider embezzlement theft of property. It is when a person willingly and knowingly gets command over another person’s property without authorization from that person with the intent to take that property away from the person. There are two major types of theft of property charges.

First degree theft of property is the most severe of these types of charges. If the amount of the embezzlement is over $2,500, it is automatically considered to be theft of property in the first degree. If the embezzlement was preplanned by one or more individuals, it will be considered a first degree felony. This particular offense is a Class B felony.

Theft of property in the second degree is when the amount stolen or embezzled is more than $500 but less than $2,500. This offense is considered to be a Class C felony. A theft of property in the third degree consists of stealing property that is less than $500. This is the less serious of the three charges, as it is only a Class A misdemeanor.

The Penalties for Embezzlement

The fines and penalties for embezzlement are heavy for the individual convicted on these charges. Embezzlement is considered a Class B felony if the amount embezzled is greater than $2,500, which means there will be some prison time served. A Class B felony could have a sentence of up to 20 years or less than 2 years. Along with serving a term in prison, you will be required to pay a large fine. For embezzlement convictions, you are looking at possibly paying $30,000 in fines and fees.

Embezzlement of less than $2,500 but of more than $500 is considered a Class C felony, which is the least severe of the felony charges. The prison sentence for Class C felony embezzlement is 10 years or less than 1 year. The fine for a Class C charge is around $15,000. Embezzlement of less than $500 is considered to be a Class A misdemeanor and so carries the lightest sentence of all the theft of property charges. A fine of $6,000 and a prison sentence of 1 year maximum is the typical penalty for this charge.

Legal Counsel and Defense Strategies

Since embezzlement charges have a significant penalty to them and can affect your life for many years after serving time, it is important to hire a lawyer to represent you if you are facing charges. A lawyer who specializes in embezzlement defense will sit down and try to help clear your name and avoid a conviction. One of the defense strategies used by lawyers is to go through all of your bank records and show that every deposit made can be completely accounted for. Another strategy that can be used is to find out who else had access to the funds that went missing as a means of casting reasonable doubt on your involvement in the embezzlement.