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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an offense that is exceptionally heinous. Millions of women across the world have become victims of domestic abuse. The state of Alabama has created laws as a means of protecting its citizens from domestic violence. These laws were introduced in order to act as a deterrent for those individuals who are prone to violence against their loved ones.

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There are a number of different penalties for those individuals who are found guilty of committing an act of domestic violence. The severity of these penalties greatly depends on the degree of the offense and the circumstances surrounding the incident of violence itself.

Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence offenses are broken down into degrees that are based on the severity of the offense. One of the most severe types of domestic violence offenses is domestic violence in the first degree.

Domestic violence in the first degree is defined as a person who has committed assault in the first degree and the victim is a parent, spouse, child, former spouse, someone who the defendant has a child with, a present or former member of the household, or a person who has been in a dating relationship with the individual. This offense is considered to be a Class A felony according to Alabama law.

Domestic violence in the second degree has largely the same definition as domestic violence in the first degree. The major difference between the two offenses is that domestic violence in the second degree occurs when the crime is assault in the second degree rather than the first degree. This particular offense is a Class B felony.

The final domestic violence charge is domestic violence in the third degree. Again, the definition is just about the same as the previous two charges except for the crime itself. Here it is assault in the third degree.

These charges will be in addition to the charges of assault that an individual could be charged. This means that the sentencing for both the assaults and domestic violence charges could be added together to make a greater sentence.

Penalties for Domestic Violence Convictions

Domestic violence convictions have different penalties depending on what degree of offense you are being charged with. Domestic violence in the third degree has a prison sentence of a maximum of 1 year since it is a Class A misdemeanor. Along with a prison sentence, if you are found guilty, the judge may require you to pay a fine of up to $6,000.

The penalty for domestic violence in the second degree is a bit more tough on those convicted of the charge. This charge is considered to be a Class B felony charge, which means it carries a prison sentence of one year and one day up to 20 years. A very expensive fine is also attached to a Class B felony. You may have to pay $30,000 or less for this offense.

The most severe of the charges is domestic violence in the first degree. A Class A felony like this one can result in paying a $60,000 fine along with a maximum sentence of 99 years in prison.

Legal Counsel for Domestic Violence Charges

If you are currently facing domestic violence charges, it is in your best interest to hire a professional domestic violence lawyer. These legal professionals will make sure that your constitutional rights are protected throughout your trial. They can build a case that appeals to your own desire for self-improvement and the steps you have taken to accomplish those goals. Your attorney might mention that you have been attending programs to help manage anger in order to help reduce your sentence or avoid a conviction.