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Disorderly Conduct

One of the more common offenses that occurs in Alabama is disorderly conduct. Certain areas of a city are typically more at risk than others. A lot of disorderly conduct incidents are the results of people who have wronged each other or who have consumed too much alcohol and tempers begin to flare. This type of crime is serious because it puts people at risk of sustaining an injury as well as disturbing the peace of the local citizens. While disorderly conduct may not be as serious as some other crimes, there are still penalties to pay for anyone who breaks the law.

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Disorderly Conduct Laws

Alabama’s legal definition of disorderly conduct is when a person with intent to cause a public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm, recklessly creates a potential risk for these types of behaviors to occur.

One of the most common forms of disorderly conduct comes in the form of fighting. Many incidents of disorderly conduct are the result of too much alcohol at the local bar, and then a fight breaks out. Threatening to harm another individual in public is also considered a form of disorderly conduct. Individuals who use foul language or gestures in the middle of a public place are considered to be guilty of disorderly conduct.

Keep in mind that if you are fighting, you could also end up being charged with other charges along with disorderly conduct. You may end up being charged with assault along with the other charges.

The law also states that individuals who cause a disturbance in a lawful assembly like a town hall meeting or church service can be charged with disorderly conduct. Preventing pedestrian traffic from getting place to place along with blocking motor vehicle traffic are all forms of disorderly conduct.

Many people have sound systems installed in the trunk of their vehicles. These systems feature subwoofers and speakers that emit music and especially bass at very high volumes. This can be a real nuisance during the night and can wake up children and adults in the neighborhood. According to Alabama law, this also constitutes as disorderly conduct. People who are having parties with loud music can also face similar charges.

Penalties for Disorderly Conduct

As stated above, disorderly conduct is considered by most legal professionals to be a very minor offense in most cases. This does not, however, mean that a person can participate in this kind of behavior and not expect to deal with the consequences.

Alabama legal code states that disorderly conduct is a Class C misdemeanor. There are two possible penalties for this type of offense. These penalties might be given together or separately as part of the punishment for the offense. A Class C misdemeanor might require you to pay a $500 fine or have you spend up to three months in jail. The exact circumstances involved in your situation are what will determine how much you will actually pay and whether or not you will serve any time in jail. Most misdemeanor convictions that have jail time involved are served in county lock up, not a federal prison.

Legal Defense Strategies

It is extremely beneficial to consult with an attorney if you are being charged with disorderly conduct. One of the main strategies defense attorneys use in disorderly conduct cases is to try and demonstrate that law enforcement officers or people in the area may have simply blown a situation out of proportion. Another strategy is to demonstrate that you were simply expressing yourself verbally and that the arrest and charges are attacks on your right to freely express your opinions and beliefs.