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Bad Checks and Credit Card Fraud

Writing bad checks and using stolen credit cards can land you in a lot of hot water in the state of Alabama. These crimes come with some pretty stiff penalties for the individuals who break the law. These crimes can result in some serious prison time along with dragging your name and reputation down into the mud.

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Writing bad checks and credit card fraud will make people think you are untrustworthy, and this can be a difficult impression to get rid of. Having a felony on your record might also prevent you from owning your dream home or getting a good apartment.

Laws on Bad Checks and Credit Card Fraud

It is not only illegal to use a stolen credit card; it is illegal to even have one in your possession. Possession of a stolen credit card or debit card is when a person comes to have a credit card in their possession that they do not have permission from the card holder to have. This can include a child taking a parent’s credit card without permission. If you take a credit card and use it or attempt to use it to purchase goods and services without the permission of the card holder, you have committed credit card fraud. These offenses are considered to be Class C felonies.

You can also be charged with credit card fraud for using a credit card that has been cancelled. If a card has been reported stolen and the company has been notified, they will cancel the card. If someone attempts to use that card after it has been cancelled, it accounts as an attempted use of the card.

Writing a bad check is also considered a type of fraud. Alabama law states that it is illegal to write a check when your funds are not sufficient to cover the check. If an individual knowingly writes the check while being aware there are not sufficient funds in their account to cover it, it is fraud.

Penalties for Credit Card Fraud and Writing Bad Checks

Credit card fraud is considered to be a Class C felony in the state of Alabama. A Class C felony is the lowest felony charge you can get in the state. It carries a possible prison sentence of a maximum of 10 years. You can also be sentenced to less than a year in prison at the minimum. There are also some fines that go along with the prison sentence. A Class C felony in Alabama has a fine of $15,000.

Writing bad checks can cost you a lot of money or cause you to be put in prison. The financial penalty for writing bad checks is that for any check that is $500 or more you can be fined anywhere from $500 to $5,000. A prison sentence of three years can also be a penalty rather than the fine. If the amount of the bad check is less than $500, the fine will depend largely on the amount of the check and what type of offense transpired.

The Importance of Seeking Legal Counsel

Facing criminal charges for credit card fraud or writing bad checks can be a frightening experience. You should be sure to locate a legal professional in your area who has expertise in dealing with these types of cases. An experienced lawyer can go through the evidence and build a strategy that will force the prosecution to prove you truly did have possession of the credit card and attempted to use it without permission. They can also help set up a defense that makes the prosecution have to prove that you intentionally wrote a bad check. A good attorney can also make sure that your rights are protected and you are given a fair trial.